Macro Mondays: 2 inches or less.

An old Vac tube from a guitar amp shot for Macro Mondays 2" or less theme. This item is exactly 2" tall and about .75" diameter. I've had this kicking around for a good 20 years. No longer play guitar, but it was too cool to throw away. It is sitting on an old piece of circuit board from some sort of scientific test equipment I dismantled. I think this was from the mid 80's. It is a cool translucent green. LED light below reflecting on the glass. Background is lit from, the below LED light. It is a circuit board from a more modern computer. I have a stash of boards, and hard drives taken apart just for photos. Title inspired by the 80's movie "War Games". I watched this tonight after a contact of mine mentioned it in a comment to another photo I posted. Here is a set of images plus a few of plain circuit boards.

TubesAn old Vac tube

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